Hi my dear friends,

I’m sorry for having forgotten that I started working on The Sims and these file formats exactly one year ago, May 1st 2001. I didn’t keep notes at that time so I don’t remember well how it all started…. but the first program I then wrote was IFFEdit. Probably most people don’t remember that program well. After all, it was a real programmer’s program, designed for myself and not very well suitable for people who didn’t program it (you know, 10 buttons at a row and some vague descriptions no-one understands anyway). Ever since, a lot of things have happened. I created the IFF Explorer packet containing add-ons like Career Edit (yes, there was a Career editing program after all!), Object Edit (VERY basic), Neighborhood Edit and Expert Edit. Might have been more programs, I’m not sure since I’m at a friend’s right now. All these programs were of course only working with pre-Hot Date programs. After a while I started programming SimFlux and Career Creator. I also made File Archive Reader and Script Station. I made a backup at September 10th of all programs before SimFlux. Unfortunately my computer crashed while backupping in January, causing me to lose all source code I made after that date. I’ve been programming ever since to restore the old “glory”. At this moment, Career Creator 2 is almost done, File Archive Reader 2 is finished and most technology of that time is restored and even improved.

Looking back at the previous year, it’s been a year full of surprises on the one hand and problems every now and then on the other hand. Your feedback, thank-you messages and the fact that you actually downloaded my things have been inspiring and motivated me to continue. It will keep inspriring me. You’ve always been patience when things went wrong. There have been some periods while I wasn’t having much luck: I even took a break of about a month somewhere mid-2001. But right now, things are going well. I hope to finish Career Creator 2 soon. I hope to start writing other tools as well. I hope to be able to help you on new things and allow you to extend the possibilities…. remember: your imagination (and the SIMS.EXE file) is the limit!