Updated Post

Hello dear visitors,

I’ve updated Career Creator 2 with a number and some new and updated funtionality:

  • The word “substract” has been changed to “subtract”.
  • The Careers file is loaded a bit differently. First the program tries to load ExpansionSharedWork.iff, then GameDataCareers.iff, then GameDataCareers. It doesn’t check what expansion packs are installed, because the program can’t detect future expansion packs anyway.
  • Readonly files are made ReadWrite files on the fly.
  • After adding a chance card, an edit dialog is immediately opened.
  • The previous job requirements are set as the minimum for those of the next one, meaning that if the amount of friends needed for job #3 is 4, then you can’t select 3 as the number of friends required for job #4. Also, the maximum is now 25 friends.
  • By pressing a button you set the current job requirements to those of the previous one, if any.
  • The default file extension for the bitmap files is BMP instead of nothing. That simply means that if you input “foo” as the filename the program adds “.bmp” to form “foo.bmp”.
  • In the job editing dialog, most validation routines have been replaced such that when you enter only a minus sign (-) the program won’t bug you immediately. Of course, this is only the case for those properties that are designed to be negative in some cases.

Credits go to Jonah Bishop (http://www4.ncsu.edu/~jgbishop) for suggesting some of these things.

Well, I just hope you like the new version. Greets,