Hi guys,

Okay, as the day has carried on more and more weirdness happens. I’m doing this posting a few minutes after I got off the phone to Will (Wright) as he’s explained a couple of things and now I’m a lot less confused than previously.

First a bit of a timeline. Back in April I posted (as an April fools joke) an expansion pack called “The Sims:Unlimited Adventures”. This was a fantasy expansion pack that had a whack of stuff that basically would never be done in an expansion pack (multi-story homes, Edith, etc.). It was an April Fools joke and rebutted the next day and all was well. No harm, no foul.

Skip ahead to a few months later (today). There are rumours floating around about an expansion pack called “The Sims:Unleashed”. A user preview posted on ebgames.com is basically a lift from my April fools post talking about all the wild and weird things the new expansion pack is going to include. Now a few game news sites (Gamespot, Games Domain, etc.) pick up on the preview and make their announcements (who wouldn’t given the fanciful qualities of the expansion pack as I explained them).

Skip ahead to a few hours later and I’m on the phone to Will to figure out what’s going on. Yes, they are releasing an “official” expansion pack called “The Sims: Unleashed”. No, they haven’t put out any information about what it contains, price or availability and it certainly won’t be anything like what my brain came up with those many months ago.

To further complicate the issue, Maxis is coming out with a bundle pack of The Sims and Living Large (much like the Warcraft Battle Chest and those kind of things, packaging the expansion packs with the original game). This is tentatively called The Sims Unlimited. More name confusion.

So in a nutshell, the user preview posted on ebgames.com (from a yet to be named individual) was in response to a real expansion pack called The Sims Unleashed, but contained the description I posted (somewhat modified) about the fantasy expansion pack called The Sims: Unlimited Adventures.


1. There IS an expansion pack called The Sims Unleashed coming out

2. There IS NO details about that expansion pack released yet

3. There IS NO such thing as The Sims: Unlimited Adventures or any expansion pack that offers Edith, an SDK or any of the other wacky things I described.

EB Games did post correct information about the expansion pack (being called what it was) however it was the user who posted the preview that is causing all this bru-ha-ha. The game news sites (Gamespot, etc.) are picking up on the user preview as well as the real news of the expansion pack.

Clear as mud now?