You just never know where people will take something you write and carry it to the end. Found this through a post in the last news comments:𝕡_id=224007

This is a “User Preview” of an expansion pack for The Sims. Looks pretty good. Lots of great features and everything that you would want for in an expansion pack. Trouble is, it’s 100% completely and utterly make believe. I know because I made it up.

It months ago (on The Sims Resource forums I believe) in response to a fun thread we were having about expansion packs we’d like to see. How it ended up on I’ll never know. I have heard rumours of another expansion pack, but I’ve been so involved in some other blueprint work (which I’ll get to later this week) that I haven’t really been paying attention to what that might be or what they’re including, but it’s certainly not my “Sims Unleashed” expansion pack. For that, you’ll need to take a few valium, down a wine cooler or two and pretend you’re making love to Brad Pitt (or Jennifer Lopez, whatever your preference is).

Seeya later!