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Month: August 2002 (Page 1 of 3)

Just give me one ping. One ping only.

Hi guys,

Okay. So MGON doesn’t have time to fix the problem yet, but they have offered a quick fix that will copy the content over every hour. So essentially we’ll have updates, the very much concious Tom and I will just have the wait an hour or so to see the effects. Kind of a delayed debugging but it’ll get the info out to you which is the main point right?

So I’ll be completing the blueprint/blueprintPro matrix today as it’s far from complete and Tom is working on one for CCPro as well. I’ll also be updating the blueprint area with new screenies of the new versions and sometime this week (when I come up for air) new tutorials and help files. That should make everyone happy while we whisk our software off to the magical CD-ROM elves for publication. Thanks!


Yes this is silly. No I haven’t lost my mind just yet.

We’ve been having problems with the site for the past month or so. News posts (and page updates) are FTP’d up to the server but then not copied over to the web server (guess they’re in different locations at MGON central). I thought they had fixed it on the 29th because I had done the posting and it (eventually) showed up, but that was the result of a manual effort by an MGON guru. So now it looks like it’s been fixed today (the 30th) but this is yet another annoying test message to see if it really is fixed. Will it show up after I click “Post & Publish”? Will the world stop spinning on mornings after $1.50 shooter night at the local pub? Will Tom ever regain conciousness? These questions and more will be answered shortly…

News postings back (again)

Hi guys. Hopefully our news postings (and site updates) are back for good now. Sorry about the lapse there. I uploaded the feature matrix (you can find it on the blueprint program page) that compares the free version with the pro version. When I made it, we were experiencing the site problems so it’s incomplete right now. I’ll finish it tonight and upload a newer version that covers all of the features. It was my “Lets see if this shows up” test, which finally is showing up now so I’ll complete it. Tom will probably do the same with CC. Back later with more info. Thanks for the wait!

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