OK Guys, I’ve had hundreds of emails from people all over the worlds asking me what would be in CCP so I’ll tell you a bit. Basically I’m in the middle of rewriting half the program. The system will change a bit, since you’ll now have a list of, say, 50 or 100 careers and of these you choose 10 or 16 (depends on your installation) which you “activate”.

There will also be some nice CarPortal enhancements, such as a “retired” sim. (Someone asked for that recently, and it turns out to be possible some way) There will be more interesting stuff of course, but I’m not sure how much I may tell right now.

Oh, and before I forget, there will be lots of wizards and all that stuff. It’s gonna be much easier for you guys to pump out your careers 🙂 Man I’ve been busy for weeks to implement THAT stuff…

So does that sound nice?

Hey Have A Nice Day! (It’s 24 o CLICK right here so I’ll see you later)


P.S. This post is not blank. Guess you already figured that out 🙂