Back now in hopefully a somewhat regular fashion. Between the site problems and other Life 1.0 issues, it’s a wonder anything gets done. Anyways, there’s been a lot of feedback, both here and via email/forums/passenger pidgeon/etc. about the ‘Pro’ versions of our software so I thought I would address them in this post.

As for blueprint, it will still be free. I stated that long ago and continue with that stance. blueprint (the version you download from here) and all it’s future versions will always be free. blueprintPro. Well, that’s an uber-enhanced version with features that were not part of the original design or features that just help people along the way. Will some ‘Pro’ features migrate into the free version? Probably not but anything is possible. The base functionality of the system and the ability to create objects will be the same in both, however the way you do it in ‘Pro’ might be easier, faster, etc.

The new ‘free’ version will be released shortly to co-incide with the ‘pro’ version however since I don’t have to produce CDs, ship boxes and all that jazz, you’ll be able to get the free version sometime earlier than the pro one hits the stores. When exactly I’m not sure as something set me back so I’m still finishing up Pro then migrating some of the changes back into blueprint, however before Sept. 1 is an accurate estimate.

As for the price of the pro version, $30 is what we agreed upon based on other products out there, the cost of the game itself, etc. etc. At some point you have to decide on something and that was it. Of course, like anything, software always fluctuates. If you really don’t like the price then the answer is quite simple. Don’t buy it and use the freeware version instead. No price will appeal to everyone (even free as some people still think that’s too much) so it’s just a matter of finding something that looks right and going with it.

If you have any other specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or take it to the forums (preferred) where we can duke it out like real mice. Enjoy!