Hi guys,

We’ve been sort of offline as far as news goes for quite some time, so the posts have piled up and now they’re back. Sorry about that. Everything is working normal again thanks to the guys at MGON so we’ll be back to regular news posts. Of course, now the lustre has worn off but hey, maybe not everyone reads the forums so maybe this is news to you.

Both Tom and I have worked out deals with Abacus software to market ‘Pro’ versions of our software.

Yes, Abacus software are the guys who published (not wrote) Face Factory. They had nothing to do with That’s Life (except that the guys who put together That’s Life wrote the Face Factory software). Abacus (IMO) is a respected publisher who puts together quality add-ons for games. Their Microsoft Flight Simulator and Train Simulator products are these such products and are well respected in their fields.

These are not expansion packs for the game and we do not need anyones permission to put them out. They’re simply commercial versions of our free programs. Being such, we have to offer something more than what we have so blueprintPro is a spin-off from the soon to be released blueprint2 version, with a few extras (wizards, more formats, more features, etc.). I can’t speak for Tom, but for CC it’s the same idea. Other authors have put together commercial programs (Simenhancer, etc.) and we’ve also pumped in hundreds of ours of our time into making these tools and are proud of our efforts. Is it a sin to profit from our work and provide something to the masses that don’t get exposed to the game online like you guys do. Nah. To be sure, thanks to Abacus’ work, the legal eagles at EA/Maxis have gone over Face Factory to make sure there is no corporate branding put in or unofficial graphics or images to make it appear that FF is a product of Maxis, and will be doing the same with our products. They are well aware of what’s going on and have no quams about it so we’re not trying to sneakily push something out the back door to simply make money.

You can see the details about the products here. blueprintPro is a commercial version of the new version of blueprint that I’ve been working on. The free version will still be available, the Pro version is just aimed at a larger, off-the-shelf audience who doesn’t normally live online like you guys do. The Pro version features some new wizards to help object creation easier along with some new tools that are only available through this uber-enhanced-customizable-super-charged user interface. It also features a special object and material library and internet updates. The freeware version will still create perfectly good objects for the game and have all the great 3D features you’ve been reading about.

Tom can speak directly about his “pro” version of Career Creator which should be similar in fashion to blueprintPro. Both titles can be ordered through Abacus directly or your favorite online retailer (Amazon.com, EB games, etc.)

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or concealed lizards of any kind feel free to hook up with me in the forums.