Hi guys,

Again we’re having some delivery problems with our news service. It’s not posting the files to the ftp server here and thus not updating the website. This is a manual fix I’ve done just so we can get things rolling again, but we’re looking for a solution. Really bad timing since we’re in the midst of the ‘Pro’ rollouts.

Anyways, I’ve sent the version off to the publishers to see if there are any issues before completing things for the final CD (the “gold” CD if you will). Here’s a rundown of just some of the features we have to offer:

  • Online MOTD (Message of the Day). This is a web page that’s driven by a news service (this one). The user experiences it through a startup dialog (and a help menu option). This will include information about updates, new features, tips, whatever.
  • Online internet updates. Through a menu option, the user can select an option that checks the website for a new update, downloads it and installs it automatically. Never be without the latest version and new releases will be available frequently with new functionality, bug fixes, enhanced features, additional files. It’s all automatic and very slick.
  • Split screen modeling with multiple layouts to work the way you want to.
  • Over a dozen primitive objects including basic primitives, 2D shapes and lights
  • Vertex level editing on any object (even imported ones)
  • Muliple format 3D file importing (new ones added frequently)
  • Multi-layer textures. Take an object and apply multiple textures to it and they’ll show through. Also control the transparency and settings for each layer
  • Parent/child objects. Create a parent table with 4 legs as children and everything you do to the parent is reflected to the children
  • NURBs (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines) for doing organic modeling
  • New Scene Wizard for starting your 3D work
  • New Sims Object Wizard
  • Sims Object Exporting Wizard. 3 steps to a final object.
  • Built in Sims Object Editor for full customization
  • Fully customizable UI including user defined toolbars and commands
  • Custom viewport layouts (3 on top, 2 on side, that sort of thing to allow a different layout of the viewports)
  • Detachable tab windows. Float them anywhere or reattach them the way you like.
  • Multiple toolbars for maximum flexibility and placement
  • All UI changes saved for next session
  • Automatic detection of Sims expansion packs including the upcoming Unleashed
  • Extended properties for 3D/2D objects for full control like setting # of points, slices, stacks, etc.
  • Texture Map editor. This will allow you to change the way the textures are displayed (tiling, scaling, etc.)
  • Material editor for creating realistic materials for your objects
  • Scene tree (for picking and parenting objects)
  • Print support for any viewport
  • Options dialog to control all the settings (including turning off the MOTD at startup in case you don’t have internet)
  • Over 60mb of textures for your object creation pleasure
  • Over 300 high quality, royalty free meshes for importing
  • Mesh/spline operations (lathe, skin, etc.)
  • Complete online help and tutorials

Hope that looks good. I’ll post some updated screenshots and finally get the matrix updated once I get things sorted out with the website here. Thanks!