Hi guys,

A couple of things this morning. I’m updating and finishing the blueprintPro feature matrix later today. This should give you a good idea of the differences between the freeware and commercial versions. As time goes on, some features might make their way into the freeware one and hey, I’m always open for suggestions. The blueprintPro CD will contain all the free software found here as well as an extra set of high quality textures (hundreds of ’em), high quality (+2000 polygons) models for importing, dozens of sample objects (complete with their 3D source) and other goodies.

Also I haven’t made this part of the site yet. It’s been around for awhile but not too many people know about it. The news postings here are available via your email if you want to have it delivered when it’s posted. Just fill out the form below (if you’re not a member of Yahoo groups you’ll need to join up for free). They’ll be a similar one (with some additional features) available shortly for blueprintPro. You can also subscribe by sending an email message to blueblog-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Seeya!

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