No, I’m not leaving the Sims community. Heaven forbid. The final wrapup on blueprintPro is coming down the pipe so I’ve been locked up in front of my PC for as many hours as I can to get the final touches done, help files written (they’re always left to last eh?) and the content for the CD completed. Things are running into the first week of October here but everything should be delivered this week. Once I finalize on the trial software (which I’m working on at the moment) then I’ll be putting the trial version up on this site. The free version will follow in a week to two weeks as I have gotten feature crazy with bpPro so I have to spend some time just backing things out for that version. Don’t worry, the free version, as promised, will be hopefully a great tool. I’m hoping to gather up some constructive feedback in the first few weeks of it’s release, as well as whatever you might have to say about the Pro version. This will keep things very much active and growing as we continue to add more features to both versions of the software. And on top of that, when I have a minute or two to breath, I’ll be releasing the smaller utilities that are very much long overdue (ahh, if only I could Transmogrify myself a few dozen times to keep up with my own thought processes). If I grow quiet for more than a few days you’ll know why. Feel free to nudge wherever necessary and keep the forums (you remember those don’t you?) brewing. Seeya!