Hi guys,

Back after a few more lingering hours in front of the boob-tube (my PC, not my TV although there was a little of that going on too). Two things today. First some eye candy for you from the blueprintPro labs. Here’s a snapshot of the help file we’re currently building (and one of the tutorials it offers). Lots of info here crammed into a single compiled help file that will ship with the application. This will also be the same one (with some modifications) that comes with blueprint as well, so you’re not missing out on anything here with the free version. Yup, documentation coming out your ying-yang (finally) on how to run this darn thing. This will, of course, continue to grow and get better as time goes on. Click on the image below to get the full meal deal pic.

On top of that goodie, I’m also making an offer to you, The Sims community. I’ve already seen the fallout from Unleashed. People are complaining that some objects are not clonable and/or having problems with image maps, etc. While I’m knee-deep in the blueprint releases right now, I do see a need for some updated tools. Now I can’t update Transmogrifier simply because it’s not mine to make that call. However what I can do is update my own cloning tools and make them Unleashed compatilble. What I need from you is feedback. First off, what objects are giving you troubles? Second, what kind of problems are happening here. Objects not cloning? Colors not working? Stuff like that.

So, send me your issues via email with the subject “[UNLEASHED]” (Very important to get that right!) through email. The emails will go into a special folder and I’ll work through them, one-by-one, and get an update to whatever tool I can to solve specific problems. Basically I’m offering this as I don’t see Maxis updating Tmog anytime soon (let’s face it, it hasn’t been updated since Living Large and that last update I contributed some of the changes to make it work with Windows 2000). I just see a need for some working Unleashed tools and people left in a field of dreams with wanting to clone specific objects. So send in the emails and I’ll keep you posted via the site with what’s happening on that front.

And to top it off, here’s another screenie (sorry, no small version) from blueprintPro that I had kicking around. Take it for what it’s worth.

PS. blueprint/blueprintPro will be fully compatible with Unleashed when released. Thanks!