Just a quick update as I don’t have a lot of time to doddle here. I’m finishing up the blueprintPro stuff. Trust me, this stuff if awesome and I’m very proud of it. There’s a lot that will be available but also a lot more in the pro version. I haven’t figured out the trial versions yet but have got ahold of a few application protection programs that will allow me to release a 30 day trial version of blueprintPro with all the features. I just have to put that together once the final signoff for the program is done. Also I haven’t had time to update/complete the feature matrix yet as I’ve been working all weekend (and through this week) on completing everything (program, manuals, tutorials, packaging, install, etc.). Whew. It’s crunch time but it’s coming together. Anyways, gotta run to get things completed here at blue central. Tom is just as busy and I believe will have a similar feature matrix for CCPro online soon. Seeya!