Wrapping up things here at blue central, but this weekend was not without incident in the wonderful world of support. Maybe it was a Martian probe that fell to Earth and re-animated the dead or something, but for some reason I got innundated with stupid users who couldn’t tell what operating system they were running. Here are a few snippets from the emails/conversations:

me: “what operating system are you running?”

user: “windows 2000 millenium”

me: “which one? 2000 or millenium?”

user: “huh?”

me: “well there’s windows 2000 and there’s windows millenium, they’re 2 different versions, which do you have?”

user: “oh, I don’t know”

Or here’s a good one when the user sort of seemed unsure by what I meant by the question:

me: “so are you using windows XP, 2000, 98….”

user: “no, it’s not 98, I think it’s 97”

And probably my favorite…

user: “I forget what it’s called, it’s the latest one, windows RX?”

me: “do you mean XP?”

user: “No, I’m sure it’s RX”

me: “there’s no such thing, if it’s the latest one it’s XP”

user: “are you sure?”

me: “yes, there’s no such thing as RX, it’s probably XP”

user: “hmmm, I’m sure that’s not it, hold on a second.”

user (to husband): “hon? What version of windows are we using?”

user’shusband: “XP”

user:”oh, it is XP!”