Hi guys,

Yes, I’m *STILL* working on blueprintPro. I know. It’s what we call in the industry, shall we say, overdue? In any case, it’s an architectural problem I didn’t forsee and basically screwed up in planning. Oh well. You live, you learn. One thing that unfortunately had to be axed with blueprintPro (which I was very happy with) was the external raytracing interface. Basically blueprint and most 3D modeling programs have their own way of rendering their meshes. Some renderers are more realistic than others (always at a time cost during the rendering). 3D Studio uses a scan-line raytracer meaning that it projects a point of light from an imaginary place in virtual space and whatever it hits will determine where (and what color) something is. The result is a very realistic (some say photo-realistic) image. As an offering for blueprintPro (and probably eventually blueprint) I had an interface to a free scanline renderer called Blue Moon Rendering Tools (BMRT). Everything was great however BMRT (for whatever reason) has now pulled their renderer offline and I can’t offer it as part of the system. So for now, it’s back to the basic renderer which will still produce images that are just as good as any for the purpose of object creation they just won’t go that extra mile I wanted. I am looking for some alternative methods but for now, because of timelines, I’m pulling it completely from the system and just offering the built-in renderer. Anyways, just a tidbit as I return back to the grind.