Well Bil, ironically all trash files here are about 4096 bytes too! (Not that I lost any recently). I bet Microsoft implemented a secret “Make_Trash_Out_Of_File” function 😉

OK Back To Serious. I’ve allowed FARx to carry some code that plays XA files, converted my own Code Base to allow viewing IFF files in FARx (to be exactly, I used new FAR handling routines in FARx because it’s directory-oriented and the FAR and IFF routines were no longer compatible, since the IFF file manager relies on FAR files too) oh where was I? And I’ve subclassed Microsoft to display BMP files. You can download FARx at the beta site.

Regarding translation of CCP, it’s going quite well. The Yiddish one has been finished last week and we’ve scheduled Esperanto for over two weeks. Currently we’re working on Klingon and Romulan.

Oh.. .you don’t read Romulan. Too bad…. ok I’ll try again. Maintenant, nous traduisons ce programme en français. (Yes my french still isn’t better than yesterday). Wir haben schon das Programm im Deutsch umgesetzt (that’s German, finished a week ago). Zeer spoedig is het ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar (Hurray that’s Dutch! Oh yes, we’re working on it!)

So much for CCP and FARx. Any feedback can be sent to my address. Can someone explain these viruses in my Inbox? Hey guys, get an antivirus!