Wew it’s been a week, certainly. Swamped with some 12 90-minute tests (Biology, English, Physics, Chemistry, and so on, and so forth) and next to that CCP was being released in the US, while we were busy translating it into German as well.

Now I’ve finished all tests (and I got a 85/100 for Physics), CCP is out, it’s also translated in German, and now I can look for some new things. I’m working again on FARx, which basically comes down to recursive subroutines, string manipulation, tree controls, list controls and a lot of complex stuff. (Whenever something CAN go wrong, it WILL go wrong). Next to do on FARx: Add files, Extract files, Rename files, etc. It’s just that I’ve finished the underlying source code (CFarFile, CFarManager).

Well I hope that’s enough to keep you figuring what the next release will be like. Happy surfin’!

P.S. too bad I live in The Netherlands… or else I could have tested TSO 🙂