Hi guys,

Been a few days since we had any word here so I thought I would jolt in and let you know what’s happening. I’m working with Abacus now on the final release. They have to give it a once over, the technical guys have to get used to the program and understand how it works (they provide support for it) and we have to work out the details of the final content of the CD. So all that is wrapping up early next week. They’ll be spending some time getting the CDs burnt and all the packaging done but once we finalize on the program, I’ll put the trial version up on the site here. I’ll also get to the free version and get that put together as soon as I can. Basically I was doing dual development at the start, but it was a bear to deal with so I just concentrated on the Pro version for the last few weeks and will just fold back the bug fixes and such into the free version. It’ll be available sometime later this month (not sure about my schedule right now).

I picked up a copy of Unleashed a few weeks ago so everything is working well with it. No problems so far. When I find some time to breath, I’ll get updates to all the other free software uploaded to handle Unleashed and Sims Deluxe. Also, as pathetic as my timelines are I will NOT be doing tutorials for the old blueprint. All my effort is going into writing the new tutorials, so they’ll be going up on the site as soon as I get the free version completed and uploaded. Thanks for the feedback. Back later!