Hi guys,

Yup. Back again and yes, still not quite finished blueprintPro. However we do have a drop dead date and we’ll meet it. Basically just cramming all the stuff together and making Humpty Dumpty work as flawlessly, professional and happy as we can is taking time (and it’s toll on both my sanity and brain power). But hey, I did learn a harsh lesson years ago when my HD crashed with the first blueprint (and a copy of my first book). Earlier this week when I was toiling there was a light snowfall in the air. Rather than building a snowman, I was building blueprint but of course a city unprepared for the first snowfall is one unprepared for the fraility of the environment that comes with it. Needless to say, around 4pm my power blew (along with crashing my editor and source code). When it came back an hour or so later, the file I had open (one of the main viewing modules for blueprint) was now 4096 bytes of digital trash. Luckily, from my past brush with stupidity, I had it backed up in my source control system. I had some work to rebuild but nothing drastic. Anyways, still working away at the release, finalizing the CDs, working out all that stuff while Abacus gets the packaging ready and completes their tests and whatever else they do (and do it so well).

On the other side of the fence (and Tom can chime in here anytime) I hear Career Creator Pro is going well, being translated into Yiddish, Esperanto and whatever languages there are out there and hitting the stores (or has already done so, but I haven’t seen it here in wintery Calgary). Kudos to you and again the great team at Abacus for producing an excellent product.

And hey, we’re just getting started with all this.