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Month: November 2002

Happy Thanksgiving

Gobble Gobble.

Just wishin’ all American visitors a nice Thanksgivings!

(bottom line: if history turned out differently you’d all speak Dutch now! Mwuhahaha) 😉

New program for advanced object makers

For those people who want everything, I’ve made IFF Pencil 2.

Note: this is still a BETA release and it could be very buggy! Several things haven’t been completely finished and I’ve disabled these. I don’t have enough time to make everything. I do like to receive comments, suggestions, bugs and tips.

So if you think you are up to it, just download it and see. However, if you’re a beginner and don’t know some technical things, do NOT download it as you probably won’t understand the program! It’s for advanced object makers.

You can find it at the BETA site: http://iffedit.simprograms.com.



Current business

Hi folks,

not much to report here. I’m SWAMPED with homework, really. I usually don’t spend much time but being in my last year I have to do a terrible lot. Simply: I haven’t got to realy programming in the last two weeks. I did work a bit on FARx (check the IFFedit site for that) but that’s all I could do.

I plan to finish some thing in IFF Pencil 2 and release a beta version on the same site. Bil is still busy with Blueprint Pro, though I think the CDs are almost ready! Regarding CCP, they’re out in the UK and in the USA, maybe in other countries as well; in Germany it’s been released too and in France, well, the Master CD is being made today!

I hope that keeps you informed of what’s going on lately.