though there hasn’t been much lately except on the beta test website (I was working on IFF Pencil 2 till some days ago) I’m very busy with a school project. To tell you how busy I am, well, it’s an hour past midnight right now here. OK I only post to set my mind on something else for some seconds and then I go back to finish todays thing. I’ve been stuck for two hours trying to find out which Lorentztransformation to use (I know the answer now) and I spent about an hour rewriting things after three system crashes (or a Word bug . it complained it couldn’t save files)

OK anyway I try to spend free time on the IFF Pencil 2 project and other things when I have time. To be exactly, that’s next week. Especially in the first week of 2003 I expect to have some free time to answer all these emails that are in my Inbox. Guys, I’ll answer them all.

Well, 5 minutes break is over, I go back to ‘work’…