Hi guys,

For me, it’s been a LONG road. I first got involved with The Sims back before it was released. As a result of a chat and phone call with Will, the notion of blueprint and other tools was born. That was about 1996 or so (forgive an old man with a mind that doesn’t work as great as it used to). 6 years is a long investment for a game.

Since then there’s been a hard drive crash (which still people to this day bug me that it was staged), a book, thousands of news postings, hundreds of versions and dozens of tools. Man I’m tired.

As everyone knows, things have been pretty slow as of the beginning of this year. Everything starts with the best of intentions but the best laid plans, well, doesn’t work out the way you wanted. I was pretty burned out over the Sims. Not just the exhaustion that it did to me, but the political horse hockey I had to dance around with various individuals involved in the game. At times I was promised the world and given authorization to do what I had planned and the next minute it was ripped away from me because that person was talking out of their butt hole. People in various positions came and went and most of my time was spent chasing round the mulberry bush with legal or some other entity that was as elusive as the Cadbury secret. I just wanted to develop and release software. Was that so hard?

During the life cycle I released dozens of tools that hopefully were useful to some. There was so much more planned and in the works. The book died a horrible death somewhere in a dusty legal office at a mega-game corporation. Edith was never released by those that said they would and my several attempts to get it out there failed (even though I had believed I had the “wright” people in the room). I feel as if I let some people down. All for a hobby that consumed 6 years of my life. Call it an obsession, call it laziness, call it what you will.

There’s still a lot there. The question is do I complete what I can from here on in? The plan was to release a commercial version of bp and an updated bp2 with all the fixins. I do have a new website setup somewhere dedicated for this but it seems things have died off to the point where I don’t know what’s of value anymore. At this point it will still be a hobby, with whatever time I have to squeak out content. Trouble is I’m not sure if it’s a turkey trail I should go down. I’ll leave that to the reader. Let me know through email (and publicly if you like, but I’ll only read my email) what you think? Like I said I was burnt out on the Sims thing. Who wouldn’t be? I’m willing to go forward with this but is it of any value? The Sims 2 is around the corner. The Tmog site seems to be gone. Tom seems to have shifted his priorities. So is the “scene” as vibrant and alive as it could be?

In any case, I will dedicate time to this even though I have moved onto other adventures if that’s what you guys would like to see. I needed a much needed break and I’ve had that for the first part of this year. I’m willing to get back and scream out what I can. I just need to know it’s going to be more than 2 people that will hear me. I won’t go back to the political red-tape from yesteryear but I’m self-sufficient enough I don’t have to.

Anyways, let me know via email what your thoughts are. If enough people care I’ll return the favour otherwise so long and thanks for all the fish.