Hey guys,

Just back from filling for Britney on tour (man it’s so hard to shake your boobs AND sing at the same time, I have a hard enough time just walking and chewing gum at the same time. Thank god for pop star stunt doubles!).

Anyways, this site will be completed this weekend chock full of the good ol’ junk I’ve produced for The Sims and commitments to a couple of gaps that I see a need to fill immediately, as well as the usual diatribe with what goes on in a developers head updated daily for your urinal pleasure.

I’ve heard rumors (and they’re just that) that EA is requiring people to ask permission or some such nonsense to build 3rd party utilities. Well, until I get a cease and decist letter (and you’ll be the first to hear about that if it ever happened) from a reputable and authorized source at EA/Maxis then I’m just going to keep on Simming. That’s just plain silly. I can understand how some 3rd party utilities can cause havoc with the game but that’s the price they paid for not releasing proper information on how things work to everyone. If they did, developers could write utilities against a spec much like they do for other games. EA just needs to wake up and smell the community burning and stop trying to control everything.

Thanks (and I REALLY do mean that!) to EVERYONE who emailed me and let me know how things were and their support. It’s you that makes my life in the Sim world a pleasurable thing.

See you in about 48 hours!