Hi guys. Wow. I’m really getting slammed by the SVEN worm/virus/whatever. About 20% of my emails, 40+, are infected with it in whatever attachment they decide to send me. I’m sure you guys are experiencing the same. Even with MSBlaster, ILoveU and the various other buggies out there, I’ve never been hit this hard. Either my ISP is not blocking this stuff or it’s really out there.

Anyways, have a couple of new submissions for the website so that’s a good thing. The files (downloads and textures) are all uploaded but between spam, worms, regular email and whatever I can muster up for sleep I haven’t put together the downloads page yet. I’ll try to get to it later tonight as I have time now. I also need to look into the Blogger archives page as it’s fun to go back and look at the posts from years past. Hopefully things will settle out in the next couple of weeks and my updates to you can be ones around software updates rather than site ones. Cheers!