Well, sort of. Limping and hobbling back into the world on what was a much needed R&R; from this thing I call The Sims. So here it is (what there is of it), the new site. Cool new URL and lots of stuff to come. As with any moving in period, everything is in boxes and just waiting to be put out on display for you to ogle over, snatch for your own collection and generally consume my precious bandwidth.

For those that have been wondering where did the old TSR site go, join the club. I was never informed it vanished so just one day the URL stopped worked. Since I wasn’t posting to it, I didn’t notice nor did anyone flip me an email saying so. Oh well. Anyways, I have to thank the guys at TSR for the fantastic work in hosting us and all that jazz. TSR was our 5th home? Something like that. As I’ve said in the past, hopefully we’ll stay put here for awhile. As you can see, things are pretty barren at the moment but much like the east coast blackout, everything will eventually come back online running at full steam by the end of the week.

So to commemorate the relaunch of that thing I do, I’m reaching out to you peoples (or yous people depending on how many are reading this). The house is pretty plain and simple here but it’s always nice to have something snazzy to show off to your friends. Seeing that I have the attention span of a newt, I’m going to ask everyone and anyone to show off your design skills. Put together a site design that rivals those of your friends and family and knock my socks off. Something that would do my laundry, impregnate and/or feed my cat, and make people like me. You design the look of the site and in return I’ll hand over complete and utter bragging rights (plus links to your site and whatnot). Yes, lazy Bil kicks in and wants someone else to do the work for a change. Anyways, if you’re interested email me with a URL to what you’re proposing or zip up the pages and send them to me.

Before you break out your crayons, a few simple rules for getting your name in lights:

    • All entries must be postmarked by September 26th, 2003 (winners will be judged on the weekend and the new design will launch on the 29th)
    • Whatever design you like but please make it original and something from your head, not somebody elses
    • Keep it light and fluffy to reduce bandwidth calories but innovative and interesting to keep people here for more than a nano-second
    • The design will also be used on the Forums to maintain consistency so keep that in mind
    • Please don’t tie it to any technology like PHP, ASP, etc. HTML, CSS and Javascript is fine though.
    • Don’t worry about how the news postings get onto the page and such, but use this page as a sample (or just make stuff up)
    • Links to other pages will be added but will generally follow the same format as previous site designs (programs, contact, etc.). You know, the usual stuff that websites have

Above all, have fun! I’ll be back on my regular daily grovel with news of what’s happening here and things to come.