Greetings submarine fans. Back again and going strong. At least (so far) I haven’t dreaded firing up my compiler and staring at Sims code. When you’re away from something (sex not included) you get a feeling that when you get back to it you’ll just hate it and never get back into that groove. Like work after a long vacation.

Two things I wanted to mention today was the “re-release” of all the tools here and some new work being done. First up though is to get everything back online again so you can download it if you missed it. I won’t have time between now and when that happens (or don’t want to delay things) to do any updates. The updates however will come in two phases. First is a refresher update which will bring all the tools up to sync with the latest expansion pack. For future releases I’ll make sure I set aside time before the release of an expansion pack to update everything so you’ll always have tools that match the current expansion pack. Second will be a feature update which will feature the software updates mentioned yesterday and start working the wish list. I can’t stress enough the feedback mechanism here like the forums. If you have any ideas, desires, wants, etc. please post them. I’ll step up my activity in the forums and do what I can to be around when you need me but please keep the conversations alive.

No new entries (I have 1 so far) yet in the “Do Bil’s work for him and receive nothing but simple praise” contest, but it’s still early. One comment that was made was the simplicity of the site as it is. It was a quick thing based on a blogger template but yes, it’s pretty clear and clean. Maybe that’s how it will play out. Works for Jakob Neilsen.

As for the site, the new commenting system seems to be working well. It’s simple and effective and provides you an outlet to rant and rave about life, the universe, and everything (although keeping to the context of the post would be nice too). I have to thank the guys at blogspeak for their technology. There are several things at the site here that rely on other peoples systems (Blogger for these posts, EZBoard for the forums, etc.) so I’m always hesitant about using external technology. You never know when things are going to shut down and go packing, leaving you in the empty zone. So I have to be picky about what I use and don’t use as my main goal with the site is to keep it up and running for you guys (and provide me with my soapbox to scream about the latest issues).

You know, reading over this dribble some may complain all I’m doing is making lots of more empty promises and justifying my existence to the world. For you, feel free to go somewhere else. For everyone else, I’m back and here to stay and will deliver the goods. Just give an old man some time to get the Sims code machine completely fired up again (the hamsters have been sleeping so they’re not used to all this work).