Thanks for the constructive remarks now that the site is back online and I’m in a somewhat regular mode again. Trust me, when you’re out of the game for a few months it takes twice that long to get back into it. Those that go on vacation know what I mean. Anyways, the brain cells are recharged and even though I’m still constrained by time and effort, at least the brunt of the silly work is done. When your main focus is trying to program and solve challenges the last thing your brain wants to do is write HTML tags. The body just refuses to keep interest in it. Anyways.

First off as I mentioned before the first refresh of the tools is to get everything updated to the latest EP. Much to my disconnection to the Sims releases now, I guess Making Magic is still not available on store shelves so I’ll have to wait until that surfaces up here in Canada. With being away for the next couple of weeks on vacation down in New York, it’ll be the 2nd week in November before I can load it up and even look at it.

The second pass is to apply what I hope is valued learnings and split up the software into the modular components it should be. This will result in two things. First a common set of components that all programs will use so if there are any more expansion packs, an update will be just to the common module and the existing apps don’t have to be updated. When there’s a dozen or so to update it’s really a hinderance to have to try to sweep through and apply minor changes and build releases for each one. Secondly it will provide what I’ve always wanted to do and that’s put the power of programming in your hands. Hopefully it will work out as planned and we’ll see new stuff from anyone else who has some creative juices left in them. How long will The Sims live? Who knows. It’s long past it’s due date and doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing down.

As for The Sims 2 support, tools and anything else that’s going on I have a few sources out there that are keeping an ear open. I believe (or at least hope) that Maxis has a slightly different attitude with Sims 2 with regards to providing users with good tools, or empowering people to build things without having to be rocket scientists. I don’t know because I haven’t had any discussions with Maxis for some time now and not sure if I will. However, being the glutton that I am for punishment, I’m willing to listen and play by whatever rules there might be and provide whatever service I can to the community in the form of tools. It’s all about putting something in the hands of the end user that I personally would want to have. The Sims is a rich environment and Sims 2 looks like it has even more farther reaching possibilities. We really haven’t scratched the surface with The Sims yet as there’s lots of rocks to turn over.