Hi guys. Things have calmed down here at the blue houshold, but I’m off this Wednesday for vacation so I’ll be away from the posts for a week or so (I’m sure you guys don’t want to hear about the trouble I’m getting into on my vacation).

I probably won’t be picking up a copy of the latest expansion pack, Makin’ Magic, until after I get back but hopefully I can get the updates to the programs done in a week or so after that. Once I do it for one the others will fall into line. Once thats done at least we’ll have a full set of tools here that are current. They’re woefully out of date right now and I think only support up to Living Large (yes, pathetic I know). There will still be come incompatibilities (like with MenuEditor) but for the most part they’ll work. There are some other tools people have built to handle categories and such which will fill any gap my stuff has.

I haven’t officially heard anything about tools for Sims 2 but someone did mention that Maya (or hopefully the personal edition) would be used for body meshes for Sims 2. Hopefully that means people can create their own, but I’m not sure how much of a boost that will be to the community? I mean, custom body meshes are not really that big of a deal when it comes to showing off your work. How many variations can you come up on the same theme?

As for objects, it seems the Sims 2 world is 3D so it would make sense to either use Maya PE or gMAX for object creation and export. Again, I’m just as in the dark on this as you are. Don H. and I proposed a gMAX plugin for The Sims but nobody seemed to want to take it on (might have been the license fees but I don’t know). gMAX is pretty much the cats meow for object creation as it’s a trimmed down version of 3D Studio MAX. Bit of a learning curve, but there isn’t much it can’t do. I would hope they have some consumer solution for creating objects in Sims 2 and don’t expect people to go out and buy a $3,000 program. Well, one can dream can’t they?