Okay, so since my last post (about an hour ago) I decided to stay up and complete the upload to the site. You can now download everything listed under the SimsTools A-Z section. The Coming Soon section is for tools that are either not online or not ready for download yet. If there are any guffaws like broken links let me know.

A few things about the site update. Yes, it’s been a long time coming. I actually bought this domain back in July so that shows how either frustrated I was with building a new site or lazy. You be the judge.

The site is somewhat dynamic. I know I mentioned before on the site design that I wasn’t going to use ASP or PHP and such but the technology allows web developers to build a site without repeating a lot of things. The main pages are actually all driven from a single template file so maintenance is a breeze now and adding new tools or updating them takes no time (from a site perspective, there’s still that programming thing that has to happen). In any case, it’s slick and fast. I can’t guarantee that I accomodated all browser versions and that jazz so let me know if there’s any burps. My main focus isn’t maintaining a website, it’s writing tools.

The forums are also updated with the same look and feel as the site. Even though the forums are hosted elsewhere, it’s neat to be able to tweak things so much that they look like they’re part of the site. Well, okay maybe I need to get out more.

I’ve left most of Tom’s programs intact and on the site. I’m not sure if he still has his own site or not so they’ll stay here until someone (him) tells me otherwise. I haven’t heard from him for some time now so who knows. A lot of us Sim guys seem to vanish for long periods then resurface from time to time.

The links to tutorials, tech, contact, etc. are not working right now. I wanted to get all the downloads up and running so give those some more time. Back later with info on the updates to the actual content around here and what’s happening in that space. At least this is a somehat useable site now. Thanks for your patience.