Hi ho. Sorry about not responding to recent emails and such. I’ve been away for the most part giving some training sessions on development around the province and trying to squeeze in time with the site. I’m also working with my ISP for the website as we had a database available all along and I’ve wanted to have the site driven from the database for each piece of software here. It makes for serving up the content a lot easier, but there are some issues right now getting that running. I guess the site contest sort of fizzled but I will recognize those that did contribute something and I appreciate it. Just have to figure out how. Anyways, it’s off for a few hours of shut eye and back to the office to try to get caught up. I’ll be back online tomorrow night and hopefully we’ll have the site challenges resolved and I can update it for downloads. I have time set aside this weekend to start the tool updates so I’ll have some progress on that as well. See ya!