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Month: November 2003 (Page 1 of 2)

A call for testing

Hi guys. I need a couple of people to test the release of SimExplorer before it goes out. I’m bogged down with a bunch of other things so I need a few good men (and women) to spend some time (shouldn’t take more than an hour or two) to run the new version through it’s paces. Requirements are that you must have the latest expansion pack, Makin’ Magic. If you’ve got it installed and your Sims is running then you’re all set. Please email me if you’re interested. Thanks!

Where did the week go?

Ack. The last weekend just slipped by on me. We’ve completed testing on the new SimExplorer release (I snagged a few people to do some last minute testing for me) and everybody seems pretty happy. I have a couple of small bugs to fix before I package it for release. This version also hooks into a separate Internet news feed to provide a message of the day type doofer that was setup just for the software releases. There’s an Internet update facility as well but it’s not 100% yet so I’m going to hold back on it until we get the updates working correctly. Should take a couple more weeks for that so the first update will not have this functionality in it. This will handle all expansion packs up to and including Makin’ Magic as well as any of the Deluxe editions you might have. Cheers!

Holidays are here!

Happy Remembrance Day, although I can’t remember what I was supposed to remember. Anyways, Happy Pumpkin Day for those that missed it too. And happy whatever else you can think of day.

SimExplorer update

Work is progressing well with the SimExplorer update. This is the first (of all the programs here) that uses a shared set of libraries for accessing Sims files. I don’t have time to put together the development kits for the library so with the release if someone is adventurous they can build one themselves. This will allow 3rd party developers to access Sims files (iff, wll, flr, etc.) and read/write them. The interface is very light in this first release, enough to provide SimExplorer with it’s capabilties so future updates will add more features like writing back to the files and other goodies. I’m also making some major updates to the user interface to make SimExplorer that much more valuable to the community. I’ll post some screenies later in the week as I get closer to the release. I got an email about beta testing and while I appreciate the offer, I’m always scrambling around with the beta testers and spending more time talking about stuff than doing it. So for the SimExplorer release I’m just going to put it out there for the masses to consume. If something slips past my own testing I’ll put together the usual fixes and update it in a timely manner. Seeya!

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