Hi guys. Just got back from my friendly neighborhood Future Shop here in Calgary and picked up the latest expansion pack, Makin’ Magic. Looks pretty slick so I’m going to spend a few hours tonight and tommorow ripping apart and disecting some of the objects to see what makes them tick. I’ll be starting the updates to the programs this weekend to bring them up to speed with the latest EP as well.

I was really impressed with the presentation on the 3rd disc that came with Makin’ Magic. It was a nice overall view of where the Sims is going with Sims 2 and had some nice candid interviews with some of the creators. It was good to see something like this and the two points on Sims 2 that look great are the 3D world (of course) and the geneology that they’ve put in. The 3D experience looks great and so it seems you’ll be able to live in your Sim world from any angle and any construction woes you have now with the limited angles in The Sims are gone.

I’m still not sure where or how any of the tools I have will play in the Sims 2 space, especially as it relates to blueprint and object creation. Maxis hasn’t specifically said what the road is going to look like but I’ve sent out a few flares to a few key people to see if I can get some response. This will help put my down the right path to provide you, the community, with the right tools when the game comes out. We’ll see how that shapes up in the next few months. In the meantime, I’ll be updating the current tools so you guys can work seamlessly with the latest expansion pack. Seeya!