Well, for awhile. Then you need to come home.

Back from a week in the big apple (anyone know why they call it that?) and man it’s a different world over there. Constant people, traffic, shopping, honking and whatever else you can think of. It was a blast but it’s good to be home. Of course now I’m pouring through about 2000 emails that want to tell me about baby Emily, super Viagra deals, and free dog treats. If I missed your email during the mass deletion and haven’t responded, please resend it. It’s hard to tell real email from spam these days and none of the spam tools work (that I’ve found).

I’m taking a couple more days to wind down, have to go out and pick up the latest expansion pack (I’m assuming it’s out by now) and will start the update cycle with the tools here and the last of the site updates.

As usual with the gaming community, I’m getting various rumours about all the Sims 2 stuff. Some say there’s going to be a GMAX gamepak which means that you should be able to create your own custom objects others say that Maxis is only going to support custom skins and meshes. So I’m puzzled on whether or not blueprint needs to fill any niche. If Maxis does go the route of providing a GMAX plugin that exports objects then there’s no need for a program like blueprint. GMAX is an excellent modeling tool and is free. If they only provide customization for skins and meshes though then there might be an opportunity there. We’ll have to wait and see until either the game comes out of Maxis comes out of their shell and gives me an official word.