Hi guys. I’m still sifting through all the additions from the latest expansion pack, Makin Magic, and getting the tools updated. I’m going to release a new version of SimExplorer first hopefully next weekend if I can swing the balance this week between Life and The Sims. It seems to be the one people use the most and the most useful (funny how that works) and once that update is done the others should fall into place fairly easily. I have a huge wishlist of things people want with the software so I’m just working out what gets in this week and what will have to wait for a future release, but now that I’m back in the programming groove I should be able to provide more frequent updates to the titles. As for blueprint, I’m still wondering what’s happening with Sims 2 but in the meantime there’s some key things I need to fix in the software right now which will get into a new release once I get SimExplorer and the expansion pack updates out of the way. There’s just so many new goodies in Makin’ Magic that are there (new animations, tons of new NPCs, etc.) I’m still going to leave the family editing features to the other commercial software titles that are out there for that but will toss in a few new SimExplorer only features. Back to the grind!