Yup, as a result of whatever the heck happened here the past few weeks I now have several offers of site hosting, all of which I’m considering and reviewing and will get back to you guys. It’s amazing how the community jumps up to help someone. Just realize however that I have hopped from site to site the last few years and some experiences were good, some not so good so understand if I feel a little jaded on any offers anyone has made. I’ve heard all about the how green the grass was on the other side so I have to proceed with a little caution. Anyways, between that and getting back on track I need to get some software updates happening which will be going out. It’s a hard sell. Some people say sit back and relax and others are “Where’s the beef!”. Anyways, I continue to pound away to deliver something to you shortly. Back tommorow with an update as I head off into what we call our “day jobs”. Thanks!