I was in a mist when I posted the new SimExplorer information. Yes, it does work with Makin’ Magic the latest EP. I had looked up at my collection and the last one on the rack was Superstar but it has been tested with MM so no worries there.

For those that care, the Developer Challenge I put on at work was me locking 3 teams of 5 people each into a room for a day. Their mission was to take an existing app based on legacy technology and rewrite it using .NET. It’s a way to get the company closer to the .NET world and get the developers motivated for success. It was a huge event with testers, co-ordinators, all kinds of people on call in case the teams needed anything. Basically a perfect development environment for writing an app, no red tape and everything you need at your fingertips. The teams knocked out 3 new .NET apps that we’ll be deploying in the new year.