Sure I ranted and raved for a good time yesterday about BBS games. So I spent most of today going through and getting back to my BBS play mode. It’s amazing how much junk is out there if you’re like me and you squirrel it all away. I have about 3 CDs full of old BBS source code. Either games I wrote, modules I found or just tidbits of things that are useful.

So now I have my BBS up and running again for development purposes and going through old modules that I can rebuild and release. I’m going to release a bunch of stuff for Synchronet BBS initially and maybe get back into the WorldGroup development. I did get an email from Don Barr who’s the SysOp at WorldGroup and he says they’re still working away. I’m waiting for them to retrieve some source code to older modules they aquired in the buyout of Galacticomm as I told him I would port the code to the latest version of WorldGroup. I’m also looking at bringing some of the older WorldGroup games (Fazuul, Quest for Magic, etc.) to Synchronet. Sync is great because doing multi-node games isn’t terribly difficult (it’s not as slick as the WG interface, but not bad) so some of the multi-player quest games might just work. I do need to sit down and update this site with some files and links once I get a couple of modules put together for release. I’ll also publish the telnet address to my BBS system for you to go and check out the development going on.

Nothing like a weekend diversion from programming The Sims to keep the brain firing.