I don’t know about you, but my cold tolerance is non-existant when the temperature outside reaches below what it is on Mars right now. Yup, good ol’ Calgary clocked in at -35 this morning at 3 when I got up (don’t even ask why I was up at that hour, my sleep patterns are akin to those of a lemur). With the wind chill it bumps it up (or rather down) to -44. That’s just unfit for humans to wade through, no matter what coverings they have on their bodies. The forcast courtesy of Yahoo. Today: Bitterly cold. When the weather guys use the term “bitterly” they’re not just cashing on those 25 cent words for showmanship. No wonder it took so long to discover this country!

I’m still wallowing in the BBS stuff. Now of course I’m stuck coming up with ideas. Gobs and gobs of source code, so many options and too many decisions and can I make just one? Without an active community out there it’s hard to gauge what people are doing. Let me rephrase that. There’s no active voice for what seems to be an active community of users. There are hundreds of BBS systems out there, some with thousands of users and dozens online at once (for example, x-bit.org). While that may sound pathetic compared to the thousands of hits a website gets, these people are those that will stay around for more than a nano-second and actually contribute content. Trouble is that while there’s plenty of activity, there’s barely a peep being said on any BBS oriented newsgroups that are out there so all you have on places like alt.bbs.sysop is spam (and we all know how great that is). With nobody talking about what’s hot, what’s not, and all that jazz it’s hard to figure out what is in the public eye and thus, what you shift your efforts to. Oh well, it’ll come to me eventually.

At least the geeks at work look like they’re still alive and kicking. John got his proverbial ass kicked in a Warcraft III tourney. Of course now I just have to pull out my copy of the game and hook up to see how much of a wuss he really is (although I’m no expert when it comes to the game). He’s the only one that’s updated his site since I joined the geekring at work, so at least there’s hope for that boy yet.