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Day: February 14, 2004

Updated newsfeeds and My Yahoo

Happy Valentines Day! I found a neat technology that I thought I would try out here. It’s an RSS news feed that already exists on this site but is exposed in your My Yahoo page (if you have one). Pretty slick so now you can have an RSS news feed section on your My Yahoo page showing all your favorite sites.

I put one on my personal homepage as well and works well. Makes me feel like SimsTools is part of something important (yeah, I know, it’s all just a facade but it’s the little things in life that make me happy). Anyways if you’re interested in using it (and have a My Yahoo page) just click on the “Add to My Yahoo” image above.

Okay, back to programming!

God bless the Internet

I hate to say but drinking is evil. Not because you spend hours and hours in a bar drinking with friends, like I did last night for 8 hours, but it’s the morning after when you wake up and the entire universe around you is banging on your eyelids trying to turn your brain into a pretzel.

Anyways, after a surprising amount of sleep (5 hours which is a lifetime for me over my usual 2-3) I stumbled to the beige beast and did a few updates on my project page. I keep digging up stuff on my hard drive or on the net that I did eons ago and I say, “Yeah, that was neat”. I’ve left droppings all over other peoples hardware across the world for the last few years and it’s a strange feeling (especially the morning after a bender like last night).

For those of you who can remember, The Hilarious House of Frightenstein was just a hoot when I was a kid. This tribute site is probably the best damn site on the Internet (well for today anyways). Check it out and relive the Wolfman, Igor and Gronk again.

I’ve added a cool thing to the menu. It’s an RSS feed of this site that you can attach to your My Yahoo newsfeeds. Just click on the “Add to My Yahoo” button in the menu above and you’re all set. Gotta love technology.

I’m also just generally adding bits and pieces to the site this weekend and doing my programming love-fest to get some SimsTools code done.

It doesn’t matter how loud the keys are or which direction the room is spinning in when there’s stuff like this out there. God bless the Internet.