Well, maybe so but it’s not day just yet. 3:43am and I’m sitting here just heading off to work. Yeah, odd hours but there’s a certain appreciation you have to have for the night. Not in a vampire sense of the word but the night is crisp and clean and without all the traffic and noises that the day brings on, it’s peaceful. I find this time of the night is the best time to be out and about. It’s long enough after the bars have let out that nobody is wandering the streets in a drunken stupor yet early enough to not catch anyone heading into a 5 or 6am shift. In other words, serene and simple. Nobody to bother you and no sounds to disturb your train of thought (that’s all I do when I walk to work, think, compile code in my head, and wonder about the cosmos). I highly recommend it for someone to try at least once in their lives.

A few updates on the site as things shift into place. I’ve added some more info on the about me page (dug up courtesy of the Wayback Machine, god I love that thing). I hunted down my old home pages when Shaw was owned by @Home and I thought I had something to say. There are things that you just forget about as the years go on but thank god for the Internet to come back and remind you (or smack you upside the head to remind you how much of an idiot you were). I’ve also made a few updates on the projects page and will continue to do so as I dust off old projects and find a home for them. Burned on a CD sitting on a bookshelf is no place for old ideas.

Another full day of meetings. I may as well forget about doing any work this week as I’m in meetings straight through from 8am – 4pm everyday (todays round starts at 7am, how fun is that?), with sometimes a whole hour to do actual work. Sucks to be me but then who else would be up at 3 in the morning writing a blog?