A good interview with Don Hopkins (yeah, I seem to be writing more about him lately than what I’m doing around here but hey, I like the guy so what can I say) over at the AlphaVille Herald.

“In this interview, Don Hopkins describes his early days on the Sims development team with Will Wright (back when the project was called Dollhouse) and the difficulties the team had fighting EA’s attempts to terminate the project, and then preventing EA from gutting it of interesting content (like architecture tools). Even now, he claims that EA fails to respect Will Wright and his vision by not developing custom content for TSO, and that it has shown no interest in a tool that he (Hopkins) created that would allow users to safely create custom objects that won’t crash the game.”

After a hectic week at work where I barely touched my home computer, have a lot of work on Sim code this weekend planned so I’ll be posting progress for those that care.