Man, some of you guys are pretty damn harsh and pretty damn cowardly. You sit behind the veil of secrecy with fake emails and nowhere websites spouting off how much I get off on playing with peoples emotions, getting hopes up and knocking them down. Too bad nobody really knows me (and I prefer to keep it that way with the number of whack jobs out there) because that’s just not me. Using the same logic you attack me with, I really have to wonder what you may (or may not) say about Don Hopkins. Don writes a great program that’s used by everyone and his brother to create new objects. Don goes stealth for over 3 years with Tmog and then shows up with a new version (not out yet, but it’s going through the EA grind) yet nobody is sending him hate letters or leaving comments on his website about it. Maybe that’s the style I should do. Lay quiet until it’s ready then *poof*, hope people come banging down my door.

I freely admit I don’t keep things up to date as much as I want to. That’s what happens with what I consider mature software. You get it, install it and use it and it works. The author spends what time he can adding new features and whatnot and releasing it. Having said that, I also admit that I haven’t spent the time I wanted in the last month or so getting the updates out there I wanted, but they’re coming. If that’s affecting someones schedule and they feel I’m stringing them along, grow up and stop coming here. Yes, there are updates to get the silly stuff working smoothly with the latest (and upcoming) expansion packs. Yes, blueprint was not the success or easy-to-use program I had hoped it to be. I’ve submitted that I failed on that front more times than I want to remember, but while I’m not proud of it I’m certainly not hiding behind it and making promises I don’t fufil.

Hey, I’m not going to snow anyone about how much time I put into writing The Sims tools. If you want regular updates, this isn’t the place. Check out The Sims Workshop as those guys are the true champions, who are putting their blood, sweat and tears into things on a daily basis. As well as all the other sites going strong over these years. I’ve already paid my dues and have the battle scars to show for it. A website that I pay for out of my own pocket with no funds coming from anyone for software that I don’t charge, a book that I’m not allowed to release to try to recoup any cost because of a machevellian legal entity of a mega-corporation, and a hobby (yes, hobby not business) that I try to find time to dedicate some hours to and keep things up to date.

Sometimes you guys make me want to pack up and stop wasting my time in this space. Well screw you. I’m here to stay, right or wrong, and it’s my right to have my soap box (unless you want to pay the bills around here, in which case I’ll dance to anyones tune if the price is right). For those of you that continue to amuse yourself (and trust me, you don’t amuse or intimidate me) by berating me, as I’ve said before, stop wasting peoples time with your comments and stop coming here.