This year I’ve been nominated for two MVP awards from Microsoft (not to be confused with MikeRoweSoft). I’m being nominated for an MVP award both in .NET and SharePoint Technologies. Who says you can’t be a doctor AND a lawyer (well, except maybe Frank Abagnale). If the nomination goes through I’ll be in the club along with 3 other great guys in the SharePoint space; Bill English, Stephen Cummings, and Mike Walsh. Guess I should think about getting a SharePoint website setup.

The Microsoft MVP Program is a worldwide award and recognition program that strives to identify amazing individuals in technical communities around the globe who share a passion for technology and the spirit of community. Microsoft MVPs are recognized for both their demonstrated practical expertise and willingness to share their experience with peers in Microsoft technical communities. This is basically a tooting of my horn by professional peers in the field who recognize blokes like me and want to give us a warm and fuzzy. No cash prizes or anything really cool come with it, just a nifty logo I can put on my website and various rules around how I’m to conduct myself when posting messages in Microsoft newsgroups.

Unfortunately there’s no rigging of a jury here like most of the things I do so it’s just waiting it out to see if I get into the club this year or not. If not, there’s always next year right.