Sometimes I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t listen to anyone. I also don’t read manuals or bother with tech support. If I can’t figure a system out in a few minutes then I assume it’s so wonky or complicated then it’s not worth my time. It’s a finely tuned skill I’ve progressed over the years and I have to say that I haven’t come across anything too bad that I can’t handle.

I have a system with several VirtualPC images. One of those images is for the new SharePoint 2003 version. It’s an all inclusive system: AD Domain Controller (SharePoint needs one and in a development environment, it’s not nice to hijack the corporate one without asking), SPS, MSDE, Visual Studio.NET, etc. When you do an install of SPS on a domain controller, it does not give you the option of installing MSDE (because its not a supported configuration). They assume that you will have a SQL server on another box. So I decided to install MSDE ahead of time and avoid the problem. The install took a while (with all that software don’t plan anything with the wife for the night). After it was done, it was time to create a new portal. It churned and churned and churned, but in the end blew up and spat out a Portal Creation error. Grrrrr. Arrgh.

Poking around the MSKB I found some possibilities:

  • Make sure SQL (or MSDE) is installed with collation set to Case Insensitive. Yeah, got that.
  • Make sure there are no anti-virus tools on the server that aren’t built with SharePoint in mind. Check, got that.
  • Make sure SQL (or MSDE) is using TCP/IP. Huh? Nope. So I changed it. Churn, churn, churn as it created the site. There was much rejoicing.

So the moral of the story: unless time is not important to you, when they say unsupported, listen to them.