Yeah, that’s the way some things go. I did have plans at the start of the year to do a lot of updates with the tools around here but as time went on and I took a good look at things there wasn’t a whole lot to update. I mean, most of the tools like SimExplorer are quite stable. Sure, there are a few small niggly bits that I should take care of but overall I would say (and this is me talking) that things are pretty stable. I haven’t heard a lot of emails saying “Your software sucks and never works” so either nobody wants to talk to me (which may be true) or no news is good news? I also haven’t seen big things that the software is missing. Again, there are some nice-to-haves that SimExplorer should have but overall I think people are pretty happy with what’s there (yes, again this is me talking).

As for blueprint, there’s a lot to be done there but I’m waverying on the edge. The fact that the Sims 2 is going to deliver some (hopefully) awesome tools for creating real 3D content makes blueprint a relatively obsolete product. So I’m not sure of the value of it, if there is any at all. For the other tools that are on the TODO list, some might be useful and I can get them put together fairly quickly once I sit down and do them. I have to admit I haven’t spent a whole lot of time looking at any Sims code for the past couple of months.

So I leave it to you. I know people are visiting the site and downloading software. There’s not a lot of activity in the forums. So is that all there is? Should I just lock down the site and call it done? Any software that reaches some level of maturity has a dry period of no new development and sometimes that’s enough. Is there something vital that’s missing from your Sims toolbox that you can’t get anywhere else? I’m looking for some feedback from you as it’s your software, not mine. I’m willing to put the hours in and finish off a task that has yet to be done or clean up what’s there and make it what it needs to be, but I’ve been staring at this stuff for so long that I need to know from you what you want. Is there something you want more from here or is everyone happy (of course I can’t make everyone happy, but for the masses is it good enough)? You have lots of avenues of feeback like the forums, feedback here on this post and direct email.

Let me know, speak up, and let me know what you’re thinking? Thanks.