As I was going through my old projects, one kept coming back to me. It’s an old script writing app that I created using MFC but never finished or released. There were a lot of these type of tools out there to help budding script writers get going, but in the end all they’re just glorified word processors. After spending some time with the GDI+ capabilities of .NET WinForms and the ease of creating Visio like applications I thought it might be a good idea to try something different.

StoryTime is a visual story editor where you can treat characters, locations, and interactions as objects. I’m taking the approach that everything is an object (well, that’s true of any OO developed system) where you can interact and “direct” it. Basically turn script writers into mini-directors, commanding characters and locations through speech and actions (which is what they do, but the intent is to get them doing it visually). It seems to make for a good paradigm with OO and takes a different look at writing scripts, rather than the typical word-processing formatting view of the world. Of course it’ll need to spit out the script as per the Hollywood standard, but that’s just a formatting thing that any XML programmer worth half his salt can do with a simple XSLT file.

Sure, another project to start that might take months (or years) to come to light. Oh well, back to some website work and Sims code this weekend as I try to practice what I preach and get some updates out there.