If you haven’t tried it already, C# and .NET is a pretty nice language/platform to work in. Some people are a little intimitated by the whole “OO” concept, but for old hacks like me who have been doing OO since the days of Smalltalk and Eiffel it’s just a walk in the park. Luckily there are two nice resources to get you going.

First, head on over to ASP.NET Web. There they have something called Web Matrix. It’s a free IDE that lets you build applications using .NET. There are also all kinds of tutorials and good stuff there. This would be the first place you should hit to get your feet wet on this whole .NET thing.

Next, Microsoft has got a nice download (just showed up last week) on their site. It’s a collection of 101 code snippets and examples in VB.NET and C#. There’s all kinds of good stuff here that will show you how to solve the most basic problems and give .NET a good run.

With these two toolkits in your hand, you should be well on your way in learning .NET. So what are you waiting for? Start coding!