They slew beasts, toppled tyrants and destroyed a ring of ultimate evil, becoming lords of the Academy Awards for their troubles. In an all-around predictable evening at the Oscars, the ragtag heroes of LOTR hoisted the fantasy genre to a new artistic high Sunday, earning a record-tying 11 awards, taking best picture and sweeping each of its categories. While 7 years is a long time for someone to dedicate to a series of films I applaud Peter Jackson for bringing us the definitive version of the Tolkien books (sorry, but the Ralph Bakshi version just doesn’t cut it). I don’t however agree completely on some of the awards won.

Mystic River and American Splendor were, in IMHO, better adaptations than Return. And the Annie Lennox song was crap, and worse, not relevant to the film. The Mighty Wind song, sung on the show in character, was cute but the Triplets of Belleville theme was the best.

Lost in Translation and Mystic River were both better films than Return. Of course the wins for Return were for the whole trilogy. Rings as a whole deserves high praise. As an ensemble film, Return neither received nor deserved any acting nominations. I’m in complete agreement with the technical awards. Return probably would have won Cinematography if it had been nominated, over Master and Commander.

What I can’t figure out is how it wasn’t even nominated for the category of Documentary Feature I mean just look at the amazing footage they got of all the major figures and major events in the quest to destroy the ring. And how they convinced a camera crew to go along with Sam and Frodo on the trek to Mount Doom incredible. How they can ignore this stunning documentary of one of the most crutial events in the history of Middle Earth and…

why is everyone looking at me?