First off I really want to thank everyone for sending in emails and commenting on my last news post. I’m very happy to see there’s someone out there (I was beginning to wonder) and that in some capacity my work is useful to you.

For me it was the age old question. If you write a piece of software and nobody uses it, is it really there? Also not being able to actively participate in any chats or online discussions (time just prevents it for me) lets me know what’s working and what isn’t. I’ve learned in the past while that the only successful software created is one written with the user in mind and created using their input. Anyways, enough of the soapbox.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be cleaning up the website and trying to get the backlog of technical papers and information posted that has sat far too long on my hard drive. I’ll be doing a pretty final pass on most of the tools, specifically SimExplorer, and getting those done. I’ll also end these news posts as I don’t consider the site live anymore and will just post updates in the forums or something. Having a blog like this is great, but if there’s nothing to say for weeks on end then it’s not adding much value.

So stuff will be here, stuff will grow, and hopefully we’ll see some interesting things happen with Sims 2 and what others are doing with it. Back in a few weeks with a final news post for this site.