Hi guys,

Okay so things have been quiet for awhile. I’ve been working on fixing up the framework and I have to tell you my brain is much better for it.

For the last couple of years, I’ve had a real problem with some of my Sims code. It’s all tied into various other code and it makes for a very ugly mess. In the programming world there are things you can do like putting modules into separte DLL files to separate things and make your system cleaner (makes for updating the system easier too). This was the plan all along with most of the tools here. Having a common DLL that’s shared amongst all the tools and when I updated it, all the programs would update. That hasn’t become a reality as there were too many inter-dependancies that made it a nightmare to try to even build the projects, let alone update them.

This is now fixed and I’m releasing a new SimExplorer to test it out. All of the viewable types in the Sims formats (IFF, WLL, FAM, etc.) are now broken out into separate DLLs with a single DLL providing all the core Sims functionality. Okay, so from a user perspective this is nonsense and you guys are probably just screaming for the software. From an update perspective, it’s awesome. When a new expansion pack comes along or a bug needs to be fix I can just release a small DLL file that you drop onto your hard drive and voila, everything is immediatly updated to work with it. Neat huh?

Anyways, here’s the call for testers again. Nothing formal this time. Just email me and I’ll send you a copy to test. There’s a built-in bug reporting tool in the program so if you experience something just click on it to send off the bug and I’ll try to reproduce it (the reporting tool does a snapshot of your system so you don’t have to tell me what hardware you’re running or anything about your computer in the error message).